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7824 Madison Street
Forest Park

This burial ground adjacent to Concordia is the property of the German Old People's Home at 7824 West Madison Avenue, Forest Park, Illinois.  It is devoted exclusively to residents of the home.  The word "Altenheim" itself translates as home for aged, or old peoples home.  Birth dates can be found ranging from 1811 to 1904 and death dates ranging from 1895 to 1987.

Inscriptions on the stones and the layout were recorded by members of the Chicago Genealogical Society on 29 July 1989.  Participants were:  Barbara Baker, Allison Childs, Blanche Childs, Brian Scott Donoan, Barry Fleig, Grace Horner, Diane Liesinger, Maxine Liesinger, olga Liesinger, Diane and David McClure.  Out thanks go to Allison and Blanche Childs who also handled computer input of all the material.

The majority of the markers are "institutional,' being made of concrete cast in box forms with moveable letters, which probably explains why a reversed letter or transposed spelling is sometimes found.  In addition to the deceased's name, GEBOREN (birth) and GESTORBEN (death) dates, the markers include the inscription "HIER RUHT" (here rests).

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